Augmented Reality for the US Postal Service (mail simulator)

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3D glyph tracking, once again, this is so hot right now, I am sure it will explode in the media some time soon.

Sweet as hell, very practical indeed.

Use the 3D postal box sizer (mail simulator) to overlay your real parcel, hard to articulate in words, I suggest watching the video.


Googles Favorite 87 Cool Things of 2009

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This is the bomb Googles Favorite 87 Cool Things of 2009.

Read it, click and explore.

I gave up my Saturday night to go through it, def worth the investment, bloody brilliant to be honest.

Some high lights; augmented reality, building projection, Google maps mash-ups, stuff, cool stuff and more.

Can I interest you in an entr’ee below?

Internet Sensations: FAME knows no bounds for chk, chk boom girl Clare Werbeloff, but what about Kimbo Slice?

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“FAME knows no bounds for chk, chk boom girl Clare Werbeloff.

Not only has she become an internet phenomenon for her made-up description of a Kings Cross shooting on Channel Nine, now a racehorse was registered last week under the name Chik Chik Boom.”

The chk-chk-boom chick

Well being a bit of a geek I could not miss the chance to have a chat and grab a photo with her recently at Adknowlegde Social Media event at Cockle Bay (& sneak in a blog post).

That’s me on the right, super dork (I always close my eyes in photos, I got to really concentrate not to, hence the bug eyes. LOL).

Love her or hate her, personally I think she is quite a good sport.

I did find the stunt tongue in cheek, and some one asked “do you feel bad for misleading the media?”, ummm, the media has a stellar history of misleading and manipulating the public, also channel 9 was in such a hurry to get an exclusive they they did not fact check properly. I see it as performance art.

BT BarnhamYellow Kid Weil and the Chaser would all be proud as punch.

She seemed quite happy to chat at #asm09, it think she sums up gen-Y quite well, in teh now, act don’t think, I am sure she will learn a bunch new life skills along the way.

Clare did mention she just finished shoot an 8 part TV series for Southern Cross, and is doing a few appearances and the like, she is hoping there will be some more stuff when after the show airs.

You wanna see serious bad ass, YouTube web fame?

See Kimbo Slice, his story is remarkable, once again controversial, but he is HUGE in the US and will only get bigger as a reality TV The Ultimate Fighter 10 goes to air, this sport (UFC) is exploding exponentially.

Be warned it is, raw and authentic, the word smiths have woven a compelling story. I love it’s, no BS style.

TVC, clothing deals, TV show, ads etc tec.

Who wins in Aust Vs the US?

I will leave it to the judges to decide, sorry Dana White, goes against your advice.

Let’s not talk about the new Vegimite iSnack 2.0, #fail.

Good luck, god speed and work smart.


First Mile Solutions – connecting emerging economies

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If this broadband “drive-by WiFi” technology was used in Australia, for example, it could be bolted onto motor lorry’s that ferry goods all over the nation, reduce the need for expensive bespoke infrastructre and give sparsley populated rural communites timely access to service, I like the digital mail analogy.

I vould see a Linfox logistics company owening this, an new revenue stream and socially aware vital service, I reckon they could even secure some govt. funding.

A great mix for the Aust NBN network and cost effective tool for better ROI.

This story is awesome, community based, micto payments, empower and better quality of life for the emerging masses;

Amir Alexander Hasson, a Cambridge, Mass.-based technology entrepreneur. In 2003 his startup, First Mile Solutions, developed technology that allowed hardware attached to a bus to upload data wirelessly from village computers and then connect to the Internet when the bus got to the nearest town. When the bus returned to the village, it connected to the local computer again and dropped off the data, like a virtual post office.

Check out their comparitive analysis world map.

Compare connectivity acces, costs and download times globally for downloading a 10mb file on a variety of interweb connections.

Company Blurb;

The Internet is the nervous system of our planet and the billions of people who lack communications infrastructure do not see themselves as the “last mile problem”.

Welcome to FMS, where last mile problems are seen as first mile opportunities for both operators and end-users.

Now, for under $1.00 per user, rural communities that have never seen a newspaper can do things like email, browse the Web, and have their own voicemail box using FMS technology.

Our technology leverages two major trends that are rapidly driving costs down: WiFi (802.11x wireless) and digital storage. Essentially, we developcached WiFi intelligence. FMS is based in Cambridge, MA and holds patent-pending intellectual property based on research and development performed by management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

An Internet for rural India

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An Internet for rural India

One intrepid entrepreneur battles brigands and bureaucrats to bring e-governance to India’s 700 million rural poor.

BANGALORE (Fortune Small Business) — It’s a sweltering day in May, the hottest time of year in the South Indian town of Sathanur. In the shade of a whitewashed storefront, a rugged, mustached man named Nagabhushana Achalu is filing his first application for a certificate that will help his children go to school. Within minutes the kiosk operator behind the counter has logged on to the state government’s intranet and sent Nagabhushana’s application to a server in the state capital, 40 miles away….more…

Google Cloud Camp Sydney 2009

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Google Cloud Camp Sydney #2

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A quick snap taken at the Google Australia building in Sydney whilst at Cloud Camp Syd 2009.

A nice bunch of people taking cloud, mainly cloud based hosting and dev environments with some tips for developing apps for the cloud.

Thanks for the kind support of the Google staff for hosting a great event.

Love the chairs on the roof, I can see how this would help facilitate a creative state.

I agree with Alain De Botton in regards to significance of architechture to states or mind, and so does Google by all accounts.

blackberry bold #fail

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blackberry fail

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Blackberry bold fail.

While browsing the screen crashed and went split screen fail crazy.