Traditional Vs New Media

Thought I would touch my toe in the water with topic that should have broad appeal.

It is a little humbling to be asked to contribute, so thank you, hello & welcome to the regular readers.

As an avid watcher of technological and new media developments, I find the times to have become truely exciting.

All these great gadgets & technologies are finally becoming fast, efficient & effective.

The interesting thing for me is the OLD Vs NEW debate.

Traditional media is being spruiked as being on the way out!

I disagree quite a bit, traditional media controls a lot of content acquisition, client contacts, billing systems, invalueable logistics, interllectual property, sales force, management, HR assets, & profitable business models.

Great opportunites exist for businesses that leverage their existing expertise & brand strengths into the new arena. They are prefectly positioned to roll things over and take a controling stake in new media as things rationalise, evolvution & change have always been factors on commerce.

The initial migration, tooling up, or RND does not have to be expensive to get used too or experiment with.

One example of a test platfrom could be the recent Google & News acquisitions.

NB: The myspace deal worth around US$850 000 000 has really been levered back in a deal with Google, where Google pays NEWS around US$900 000 000 over 4 years for certain exclusive rights. NEWS effectively gets it for free, a good example of a great new media deal.

So between News Corp (Sir Rupert) & Google, they buy the most successful & recent web innovations for around US$ 2 000 000 000 (2 billion) they then go, ” Here guys, use it for free!”…

What great guys! We all now have access to huge volumes of traffic, infrastructue & eyeballs for nix!

The indie bands have really cottoned onto using this free platfrom of which to promote their wares.

They buy a cheap PC (couple k), record the album at home, shoot/edit their video clip on the same machine, upload it all to Youtube & myspace, then let the fans access there 24/7 where they let the market decide.

There have been numerous crazy PR stunts, video clip & campaign ideas, the only limit is creativity.

Some bands have been really succesful at it turning their new metrics & traditional hard work into lucrative commercial record deals & expect, as people begin to fully understand this technology, this to be the tip of the iceberg.

The only threat to traditional media will be it`s insulation to understanding, implimenting and embracing these new powerful tools that add extra bang to their existing business models.

Get aboard, sign up for Youtube & Myspace (or any other favorite), experiment, brainstorm, play, invent and have fun!

I think that is the key, this stuff is fun, it is free, let the juices flow and explore the possibilites!

See what possible uses you can come up with that may apply to your business or clients.

 Here are a couple questions to help get the juices flowing:

– What possible uses could a business find in using someone elses US$ 2 billion infrastructre for free?

 – What would high end industry professionals come up with compared with the home DIYers?

– Is there any valid use for this stuff?

– What advantage would a news burea have for a Youtube channel?

– What uses would a traditional agencies have for this stuff?

– Is there extra tangible brand leverage available to ourselves & clients?

– Maybe you will discover a great idea or application that you can make your own.

– Why would we want to interact with our audience?

We are a bright passionate bunch, lets explore these new avenues…

Stay tuned, I think we are about to annouce a FREE bottle of wine for our OZ contributors as judged the best reply by our panel.

Have a great week & catch you soon.


Jamie Andrei ; )

” It`s not rocket sugery… “


~ by jamie andrei on January 29, 2007.

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