Jargon Buster V1.0

I will attempt a bit of a jargon buster.

Feel free to discuss or add your take on things.

I find it easier to simply & find parallels to things I understand.

A wise person once said to me ” You don`t need to know how the internal combustion engine works to drive a car or to harness it`s potential for commerce! ”

Hope it helps…

01. Web 2.0 (Wikipedia definition) – It was coined in 2004 by O’Reilly. It is still in some debate. Hmmm? I think of it as the rebirth or second generation out of the dot com bubble ashes.

It is how the web should have been or how we imagined it.

Web services & delivery under went an evolution and became more human friendly. 

Evolved from a relative passive, click and read, one sided, slow,  clunky implimentation, to a cohesive, easy to use, fast, interactive, dynamic, information rich, socially accepted & socially interactive model.

People have easier access to efficient, accurate search functions, they can create & share their own content, they meet & communicate with people with similar interests, a sense of active sharing & community has evolved over the last few years.

I also like to think that it`s reference is linked to the implimentation & availability of high speed internet connections, which give us access to a full suite of interactive, media rich services available through a faster data pipe line. We talk mega (millions) bits of data not kilo (thousands) bits which now gives us access to video, audio, telephony, video on demand, torrenting & high res photographs.

It also seems to have coincided with main stream acceptance, large scale usage, commercial profitablility, billion dollar corporations, & a critical mass of hundreds of millions of users…you can always read the wiki version it is very good or Google Web 2.0 & read O’Reilly`s take on things if you want a head ache!

It is quite nebulous! Consider it a renaissance.

CLICK ME for a link to a great page on web usage metrics.

I love my that mum tells me about net banking, how easy it is to use, it also also cool to see some of the more mature generations embracing ecommerce & trading shares for their DIY super funds using online stock brokers!

That level of trust just didn`t exist several years ago. That`s a huge paradigm shift in a very short period of time!

The next blog will look a something, you can be sure of that…


 J ; )


~ by jamie andrei on March 7, 2007.

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