Mobile 2.0 – viva the blue-tooth revolution!

Mobile 2.0

I have coined my first new media tech word, & won`t be disappointed when I get corrected, odds are it has been coined by atleast one of the 6 billion other earthlings.

What does a mobile phone do the other 95% of the time we sit and wait for it to ring? Maybe we watch some movies or cricket on its tiny screen if we are rich, or text or mms.

There is an estimated 1 billion handsets out there & don`t forget the millions of laptops with blue-tooth.

It looks like a new school of thought is taking hold that uses the blue-tooth conectivity of the billion handsets on the planet.

It would appear until recently that blue-tooth has been largely over looked as an active technology, it is good for transferring files and has been toyed with in some promotional advertising campaigns but nothing with the X factor.

 What is exciting is the development of some new social networking technologies utilising blue-tooth.

 A 24 year old Sydney sider, Ben Keighran, through his company Bluepulse & the development of a FREE software app that has attracted the attention of some serious silicon valley investment.

 His idea is:

“to let people discover & talk to each other in chat rooms, exchange messages, view personal profiles & develop networks of friends, think of it as Myspace on the mobile” Mark Jones page 26 Australian Financial Review March 3-4.

How about getting alerts when friends are close & meeting up for an impromptu coffee, or photo sharing & video uploads!

Some Bluepulse apps include:

  • find people to meet, message and chat with
  • browse your friends’ places, videos and photos
  • play with our huge range of mobile widgets.
  • Text friends
  • Chat with groups
  • Send party invites
  • Visit friends’ places
  • Use mobile widgets
  • and much, much more such as being compatible with other widgets from flickr, Yahoo & Gmail
  • It answers, & compliments a point raised by Mark Pesce in his Bluestates mobile social neworking experiment that ” There has to more to a mobile handset”, the experiment came up with some similar ideas focusing on social network models.

    Another great innovator of bluetooth is Aura Interactive who have worked with Hoyts, Vodaphone & The big Day Out to deliver converged synergies by beaming entertainment content to mobiles via their BlueZone technology.

    It appears from their website that Aura & Bluepulse are collaborating, nothing wrong with some healtyh Keiretsu.

    This could be the next revolution, wait till the kids get their hands on this on a large scale.

    They LOVE their mobiles.

    I`m going to download it & see what impact I can have on my local area of Newcastle.

    Once again, the synergies with existing media & campaigns are very exciting!

    What about some MEGA campaign that has everything, lets launch & measure that.

    We should be meeting with & learning about these great new applications, life is so exciting, so little time.

    I have to go & listen to a riveting law lecture!


    J : P


    ~ by jamie andrei on March 7, 2007.

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