A Glimpse of the Dark Web

Ok, I might be a bit slow, but I have taken the time to look at slideshare.net .

I love it, the general vibe is that the web we share is only around 30% of what is really out there, the rest is referred to as ‘the dark web’, it is secured behind VPNs, firewalls and the like.

What great information are we missing?

What I like about slideshare.net is the ability to publish & share powerpoint presentations, I look at it as getting a glimpse of the professional knowledge locked behind coporate fire walls.

People can easily publish, embed in blogs, web pages, email & share their professional presentation just like youtube.

I have just set one up and will upload a few of my UNI power point slide & share with the distance education crew.

This is a big deal for elearning, the current cutting edge distance delivery model is that you have to download the 1.5 mb power point slides using their intranet band width.

 Bugger that, put it online free, have the students rave about, put your logo all over it and build your brand, it would also raise your google PR ranking and use another suckers bandwidth. Brilliant!!! 

If I can only control it and charge people, there will be huge traffic, maybe I can sell PPC spots?

Maybe a corporate locked down version, paid monthly, with custom set permissions?

That is getting into Google enterprise territory, I would happily jump ship and work for Google.

It the future baby, it is eEverything!

Viva the revolution, although it will be a long draw out war at 512kbs, think of Iraq.

We are technically only getting 1.5% of the possible speed of broadband, 100mbs is possible but our average is 1.5mbs, bring on ADSL2+ but that will effectively only be 25mbs or a 25% rating on my scale…..

Our eServices are being retarded by lack of adequate broadband penetration.

All that lost revenue potential and the compounding interest on it!


 Back to the job at hand, I have wasted ebough time.


~ by jamie andrei on May 18, 2007.

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