Waste = food

I saw the Waste = Food documentary recently on SBS.

 Brilliant show. It has been the only thing that has answered some problems in the traditional recyle approach, where we down cycle products, tyres = safety mats, they lose value.

They introduce the idea that products put back positively to the environment or get equaly recyled into the technosphere.

 For example, they have an icecream container, when it is empty, just throw it out the window. At room temperature is turns to liquid compost for plants, it also contains the seed of rare plants.

So waste = positive regeneration of the biosphere & bio diversity, the more wate the better.

This is a hacks explanation of their underlying principles.

This isn`t just feel good hippy stuff, Ford USA just spent US$2 billion with them, Nike have worked with them, China is spending tons of cash on ways to supply 500-600 million homes in the next decade.

 It has been the most real explanation, theory I have yet heard, a warm fuzzy, so please have a look, link, share, add etc… 

Excerpt from the Sundance web site, more Sundance YouTube videos, Sundance the green link.

‘As part of THE GREEN, Sundance Channel presents a series of documentary films focusing on timely and pressing environmental issues of the day.

Every day natural resources are being rapidly depleted, while production and consumption rise in nations like China and India. In response to this crisis, a new philosophy promoting a non-toxic or recyclable destiny for all man-made products has triggered a new industrial revolution among designers and manufacturers.

Rob van Hattum’s award-winning documentary explores how companies such as Nike, Herman Miller and Ford are experimenting with completely clean and sustainable production methods and products following the concept that “waste=food.” ‘


~ by jamie andrei on May 22, 2007.

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