Aussie Networks 2008 Suite of Programmes

Aussie Networks 2008 Suite of Programmes

The round of new TV programmes for australian free to air TV has been announced.

The networks have freshly signed off on a new suite of US content.

Below are some research results for how they have been recieved in the states so far, thanks to , click through for full details.

Click the links for more information & to get the names of the star casts etc.


Cashmere Mafia:  Drama – Sex and the City creator Darren Star is back to New York in this new dramedy pilot, about four female executives, friends since college, who support one another through the trials and tribulations of work, family, and everything else life in New York City throws at them. The Break-Up Peyton Reed is going to direct this drama pilot. Rates: 8.2

Viva Laughlin: Drama/Comedy – is a re-make of the Golden Globe nominated mini-series Viva Blackpool. The story is about an ambitious small entrepreneur Ripley Holden (Lloyd Owen), who dreams of opening up a casino in Laughlin, Nevada. Meanwhile, he is having marital problems and is struggling to keep his family together. Rates: 2.1

Pushing Daisies: Comedy/Drama – This romantic drama shows us the strange world of a man, Ned, who can bring dead people back to life through the power of his touch. The people he touches, however, can only stay alive for one minute, and if they don’t die again, someone else nearby will die. Ned decides to use his ability to solve crime with the help of a local investigator, Emerson. Rates: 9.1


Back To You: Comedy – Back to You is a traditional live-audience sitcom starring sitcom veterans Kelsey Grammer ( Cheers , Frasier ) and Patricia Heaton ( Everybody Loves Raymond ) as co-news anchors who reunite at a Pittsburgh television station after they worked together previously in the ’90s. Chuck Darling (Kelsey Grammer) is a bit of a womanizer and moved on from Pittsburgh to a larger market. Rates: 7.9

The Rules for Starting Over: Comedy – A 35 year old man is a newcomer to the world of dating after his happy marriage of more than 10 years crumbles. Rates: 6.2


Private Practise: Drama/Comedy – Private Practice is a spin-off of the highly popular ABC series, Grey’s Anatomy starring Kate Walsh as Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery, a renowned neonatal surgeon. After deciding that she cannot continue to work at the same hospital as her ex-husband, Dr. Derek Shepherd, and her ex-lover, Dr. Mark Sloan, Addison packs her bags and heads off to Santa Monica to start a new life. Rates: 8.9

Dirty Sexy Money: Drama – When idealistic attorney Nick George’s (Peter Krause) father dies, he ends up taking his father’s clients, the Darlings, led by patriarch Tripp (Donald Sutherland). It’s not always easy for Nick handling both legal and sometimes illegal matters. The hour-long pilot was penned by Craig Wright and will be executive produced by Wright, Bryan Singer, and Greg Berlanti. Rates: 7.9

Eli Stone: Drama – Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim bring us the tale of a San Francisco lawyer who finds out he has prophetic powers and decide to use them for good. Jonny Lee Miller will star as Eli Stone; other cast members include Loretta Devine, Natasha Henstridge, Sam Jaeger, and Victor Garber. A young Eli Stone will be played by Johnny Pacar. Rates: 9.2 

Viva 2008! JA


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