Making Money Out of WEB 2.0

I have set myself an experiment.

I have some test vision which was uploaded to Google Video, just some short 5 sec, low resolution clips.

They have been viewed about 12 000 times, that is OK, I think the time is right.


I have some really great quality, RARE, highly sort vision which  I am sure will get much more interest.


In the name of science (& commerce) I want to test for myself what can be achieved. I fully own all rights to all of the vision, a hurdle that many agencies have to cross. I control full rights to all revenue, and all permissions, if had you have to split said amounts or pay for mulitple rights it would not be as easy or pheasable. I will have no back seat drivers, politics, personality conflicts or upper management to answer too, a rare thing indeed. What are the economic costs/benefits of those hurdles?


What are the results? How many hits? How much revenue? What sort of reach? What type of consumer? What is the real dollar value in interest, exposure created from a brand point of view? How much monet did I pockey by using emerging affiliate marketing tools? I will take the results to an agency to get valued. Anyone with this expertise is able to contact me and collaborate on the findings.









Traditional Media (some good old PR?)

Back to work, it will take four weeks as I am flying solo (encode, upload, tag, share, build buzz), but I think the peak results (long tail) will become evident at around 6 months as the community gives it a life of its own.

MORE in the following days, spare time is dangerous!



~ by jamie andrei on June 6, 2007.

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