Newcastle Natural Disaster Zone III

Nobbys Beach salvage latest…

See for the latest updates, breaking news & conacts or tune your radio to AM1233 for live coverage.

Picture below from the ABC website.

Bellevue Street, Newcastle West| Photographer: Bizzi Mason

From the ABC website:

To report damage to property phone the State Emergency Services on 132500 – or if you are in a life threatening situation call the police on 000.

1233 ABC Newcastle Links:

Emergency Contact Numbers

latest flood warnings

latest images of flooding

images of the grounded bulk carrier

If you have eyewitness photos send them to our Photo Uploads Page and we will add your images to the Photo Galleries we are building.
More bad weather on the way.

Just did a quick drive around my local area, swamped boats at Toronto Royal Yatch club, yatchs was up onto shore, jetties sunk, multiple trees & power lines down at Kilaben Bay Park, crews there now mopping up, trees down on multiple houses around Coal Point & Kilaben Bay.

Have some vision of the Toronto area soon.



~ by jamie andrei on June 9, 2007.

One Response to “Newcastle Natural Disaster Zone III”

  1. nice to see at least that you will acknowledge the brilliant efforts of your peers (rather than say u r competitors as you work in different mediums).
    I use to be from Newie and moved interstate but was up there while the flood raged and without ABC (via batteries + old radio) we would have been completely cut off from the world – no power to watch tv updates, check the internet etc.
    It might be back to the dark ages, but it was also a refreshing change.

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