Newcastle Natural Disaster Zone 1st 24hrs

Holy cow!

This stuff would not normally fit in this column.

Huge day in Newcastle.

It start at 0630am this morning, driving down past Merewether Beach to see the SES putting a house back together.

I then head up memorial Drive & get stopped by the Police, 30 foot sparkes are flying from the down power lines arching on peoples roofs.

Next, say around 10am, a coal ship, Pasha Bulker, gets wrecked onto Nobby Beach, we feed the news vision to TCN 9 to send around the country & internationally.

It started on the rocks then got blown dragged around directly onto the beach.

Next the two rescue choppers evacuate the crew members in gale force winds in titanic surf.

Media choppers cirlce, TCN 9 scrambkles a chopper to fly from Sydney to Newcastel to cover the vision & get coverage of the distaster developing on the central coast.

Surf lifesavers on jet skis from Nobbys & Newcastel beach are in the water as cover in case someone falls off.

Next, the rain does not stop, the city is flooded at around 0230pm, Police everywhere, streets are getting closed, people panicking, mayhem.

By 6pm, the city is in lock down, cars floating away, peoples houses flooded up to their waists, emergency services swamped, it is total mayhem.

Boats are launched into Hamilton to service emergency needs, that has never happened.

It reportedly took people four hours to get home from Newcastle from what would have normally been a 40 minute trip.

The NBN offices fill back up with around 30 people who left many hours ago, only to return after not being able to get through the carnage.

About a dozen are hunckered down at the offices for the night, stranded.

It is a disaster area, totally wrecked, there will no doubt be tons of pictures & stories in the next fews day to convey the tragedy.

It has been said to get worse with 100mm more rain in the next 24 hours. 

Reports of homes & businesses being looted have start to come in.

We haven`t seen conditions like this since 1975 when the Signa washed up on Stockton Beach.

The city will need a lot of love, this is some distructive history!

I hope everyone stays safe & the rain bloody stops!

I first thought this was a bit of water damage, I feel like such an insensitive bastard, this is a BIG deal, peoples lives have been ruined, it will take many months to recover. 



~ by jamie andrei on June 9, 2007.

One Response to “Newcastle Natural Disaster Zone 1st 24hrs”

  1. hi my name is cyndle and i just want to let people know this is a big deal for some people. i used to live in newcastle like a 2 years ago.
    so when i first heard about the floods, all i could think about were my friends and family that live in newcastle and most of my freinds live around were the floods are accuring.
    i feel really sorry for newcastle and only wish i could get down there to help out.

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