Newcastle Floods 10.06.2007

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Asha Bulker photo by Bizzi Mason

 Asha Bulker photo by Bizzi MasonNewcastle Floods 10.06.2007 (thanks to Bizzi Mason for the photo 09.06.07)

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I just popped into Newcastle to get my car from work (NBN Televison), via the link road past Jesmond. 

Looks like the weather has settled & the clean up is under way, trees are down opposite the Council Depo at Booloaroo over some powerlines.

Turning at the round about into Newcastle we saw a Firetruck on the back of a Fire Services semi-trailer, looks like back up for local crews.

We drove past the crowds braving the conditions and filing into Marathon stadium for tonights football game, the Knight are up on the Tigers 4-0 as I speak (0432pm).

The trip so far was not too bad, looks like most roads are open, still some abondoned cars around the place, some traffic lights are out, drive safely.

Driving up King St was a mess, although Inski and other shops that were devastated look to be patched up by their owners, Civic Park is a scene of multiple downed trees.

There is plenty of traffic around Newcastle as people try to see the sight of the Asha Bulker & assorted storm damage.

I dropped my tape of West Lakes vision (Toronto, Kilaben Bay, Coal Point) to the guys in the news room, who are stretched thin, they will take a look at it when they can.

Here is my rough news Toronto, Coal Point, Kilaben Bay news brief, I am no voice over guy.

Newcastle Floods – Energy Australia Update NBN News 10.06.2007


Newcastle Floods – Lake Cleanup NBN News 10.06.2007


They have a skeleton weekend crew and are having to deal with the same horrendous conditions as the rest of us.

Keep an eye out for the 6pm local news & updates on NBN.

TCN 9 news crews have been sent up from Sydney to cover the events, and were in and out of our building most of the day linking vision south to Sydney to be syndicated where needed.

The drive home via Scenic Drive was fine, the emergency crews are doing a great job, althoug on the Esplande betwen Warnes Bay & Speers Point, there has been a slight land slip, there are crane and crew there mopping up with one lane of east bound traffic closed.

Funnily enough, I have to play drums in my band tonight in the heart of Newcastle city at The Crown & Anchor, the show must go on, off for my grandapa nap.

The word was as the Delany Hotel was the only pub open last night it was packed, alot of friends headed there Friday night as they were stuck & may as well relaxed and the Pizza Hut across the road was experiencing 2.5 hour waits, emergency supplies of course!

Power is still out at Wangi & Coal Point, I have a few friends over tomorrow for some hot food and a scrub up.





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