Pasha Bulker Salvage Update 12.06.2007

Pasha Bulker Final Salvage Vision



The Latest Pasha Bulker Salvage Update, re-float of the bulk carrier…

Pasha Bulker Salvage Attempt (Nobbys Beach) shot 29.06.07  

Stream the NBN News documentary ‘The Cruel Storm’, Pasha Bulker news updates here… 

Newcastle Sign 

Pasha Bulker Salvage Update 11.06.207 

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The weather has settled, the clouds have cleared and the sun has made a welcome return.

The beach is crowded with many sight seers taking advantage of a break in the weather to get a glimpse of the marooned vessel.

A 21 person salvage crew has been air lifted on board the Pasha Bulker assessing the ships internal structure.

One of the ships two hulls has been breached, the inner cargo hull is holding firm with the outer hull sustaining damage on the starboard side.

There is no evidence of oil in the water at this stage, however
containment teams are on standby should the situation change.

A salvage tug has arrived from Sydney and another is due from Melbourne on Wednesday.

These ’super tugs’ are specially designed for salvage missions and the salvage team put in place, is said to be one of the best in
the world.

There are no details for the safe removal of the vessel at this stage as the situation is still being assessed.

Safety for crew and the environment are the number one priority.

As expected flood waters from the Hunter River have arrived turning the Harbour waters brown with silt & debris.

Newcastle Floods – Energy Australia Update NBN News 10.06.2007


Newcastle Floods – Lake Cleanup NBN News 10.06.2007




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2 Responses to “Pasha Bulker Salvage Update 12.06.2007”

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  2. I saw the pasha buker hitting to nobby’s beach in newcastle and i thought that it will take a short cut trough the harbor of newcastle and the Pasha Bulker is the coolest thing at i saw in my life and the Pasha Bulker is sososososososososo sexy and cool that it hit nobby’s and the crew survaled the storm of the weather that hit newcastle and the lower hunter and my farm got flooded in clancne town and my place had no elecity for a few day’s and just leave the Pasha Bulker in newcastle so it can be a torusit resort at nobby’s beach and the PASHA BULKER is the coolest ship ever to hit newcastle

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