Web 2.0 NSW Flood Case Study

Here is a PPT presentation of my recent response to the NSW floods.

I used a blog, YouTube, MySpace, Wotnext, Google search & email to help get emergency details & news vision into the community in a matter of hours with approx 1 200 views per day in the first couple days, helping many local & international people stay informed…BTW it has just jumped up to 1660 today after levelling at around 400 a day prior?!?!? Thanks to mainstream media doing all the publicity, people to then go & research things in more detail 24/7 online, there has to be a message here, I know you guys dig it… 

By no means am I the guru, I have tried some new ideas I have just been introduced to by some smart people.

Some other figures for example are the 2 million hits per day at the Coastal Watch live web cam site at Nobby Beach, also how about the +60 000 views the Transformer Pasha Bulker video has gotten, perfect timing, he should have called the movie studio & tagged a plug on the end, apparently the guy is only 16, what a ripper…

Final Pasha Bulker Salvage Vision

or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z71maAwFa0s

Not to mention the Pasha Thunderbirds video…

Regardless of all this storm business, this stuff is going off in every way every day…

I ran around and shot news vision of the Newcastle floods & Pasha Bulker, some was used in NBNs ‘The Cruel Storm’ documentary and some was proudly used in their nightly news stories, I packaged the rest online to be shared. 

I felt compelled to do something, as early on day one there was no information around at all, it was total panic, thanks for the kind comments & feedback, I hope life is safely back to normal.

Maybe my Web 2.0 notes & research may help you on your way to help & inform others…

: )


~ by jamie andrei on June 27, 2007.

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  1. […] Here is a PPT presentation of my recent response to the NSW floods. […]

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