1st Pasha Bulker Salvage Attempt (Nobbys Beach, Newcastle)

The Latest Pasha Bulker Salvage Update…

Pasha Bulker Salvage Attempt (Nobbys Beach)

High quality news story, vision & voice over.

The 1st re-float salvage attempt of the bulk carrier, Pasha Bulker begins.

The first attempt to pull M/V Pasha Bulker back to sea began on June 28 night in heavy seas, high winds & sheeting rain. It got off to an ominous start when one of the towlines attached to a tug snapped…1st Pasha Bulker Salvage Attempt.
The three tugs are place and the three heavy anchors have been attached.
A heavy freight chopper has been busy landing salvage equipment throughout the week for tonights preparation.
Nobbys beach has been locked down in the interest of public safety in preparation for tonights salvage attempt.
The only vision we were able to get was from the roof of Newcastle Cathedral whilst final preparations were made late this afternoon.
Under the cover of darkness the 1st attempt has been made, balast had been emptied during the day, & the lightened front end showed positive signs and was seen bouncing.
However, shortly after 7pm, the first attempt had failed and a heavy cable snapped under the massive forces at work.
This is exactly why there has been a safety exculsion zone as there is great risk at hand.
Environmental concerns remain with a team on stand by should there be any leaks or spills.
More attempts are planned tonight & in the following days to take full advantage of the high tide condition which work in favour of a positive outcome.
Should the ship be removed in the limited time available, a dive team will quickly inspect the hull at sea & if all is in order the vessel will head directly to Brisbane for full repairs.

Final Pasha Bulker Salvage Vision

or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z71maAwFa0s

Stream the NBN News documentary ‘The Cruel Storm’, Pasha Bulker news updates here… 

The Cruel Storm features exclusive News vision of our regions recent natural disaster & the stories of our amazing residents.

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