Google – Gadget Ads

The cat is out of the bag, but I only read about them the other day, so forgive me as I have been busy with floods & stuff.

 The new Google gadget ads allow:

” advertisers the option to add flash, video, real-time feed, and transaction functionality to typically static display ads.” from

According to the article there will be no serving costs & they will be sold through the existing auction system & intergrated into an existing Adsense budget with CPC or CPM pricing.

(which is bloody genius, I can`t wait until it becomes the model for all ad channels IE TV, Radio, Magazine etc).

You dont have to be a genius to create them, anyone with web site experience can create them & there have been a suite of Google Analytics tools to track all metrics.

Nice work team Google.

: )


~ by jamie andrei on July 16, 2007.

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