Battle of the Social Networks

It seems that like fashion, social network sites can become less popular in a click- the speed of the internet and word of mouth propagating this. I’ve noticed many jump ship from one network to another, I myself also guilty of this.


I remember when Friendster was the place to be, and now it is Myspace, Facebook,and  Bebo. These are tied in with other networks: Orkut, Hi5 and any other website with a funny name.


Just like any soap opera, there is news and gossip being spread around to tarnish almost all of their reputations such as the 29,000 sex offenders who have profiles on Myspace or the lawsuit against Facebook over who’s idea was it originally or the rumoured offer from Microsoft to buy Facebook for a cool US$6billion.


But how long until the Facebook or 2.0 social networking site bubble bursts and the masses go for the next big thing? I’ve heard new VC companies invest only in those businesses who are creating apps for Facebook – are they taking a risk based on volatile conditions or something that will prove to be a sure bet?


Meanwhile there are other “issues” arising with these new ways we socialise, like being scrutinized by current and potential bosses, cyber stalking and even the loss of productivity. I have heard a lot of my peers proclaim the “Facebook addiction” and I fear that I could be heading the same way. Even those issues seem to be able to produce potential profits, after all where there is a will (or problem to be solved) there is a way.


Anna Lee Anda : )


~ by Anna Lee Anda on July 27, 2007.

One Response to “Battle of the Social Networks”

  1. Facebook.
    Myspace is overrated and full of corporate advertising. If I had to choose whichever social networking sites, I’d go for Facebook. Pages load faster unlike some of the Myspace profiles that has so many GIFs or customized profiles that doesn’t look nice but rather ‘pretty’. I like how Facebook defines a neat and matured theme without being so flashy. And of course, privacy. No one can view a single detail in your profile unless you wish to publish your profile in public. I used to login Myspace a lot but for the past year I’ve switched. Its also quite annoying for people to be posting senseless bulletin posts everyday. Friendster may have started the trend but its not diverse. Facebook hands down.

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