Blogging reaches a 10 year mark

According to a recent article in the WSJ blogging has been around for 10 years now. How they chose the “first” blog is beyond me. It is interesting to observe the vast foray of bloggers there are out there – from individuals keeping track of the day to day happenings, companies using blogs as a medium to market themselves and create brand and product awareness, to organisations expressing their political views.

This is a radical contrast to diaries which was stereotypically kept as a personal record. Blogging is yet another example of the Long Tail, taking the onus of publishing material out of newspapers and large publishers and bringing it to the individual to disseminate information at a much lower cost and allowing for a wider area of subjects to be covered.

Now, out of the blogging comes various other forms of posting information for the masses like podcasting and vlogging (video blogging), what will come next?

It seems the most well subscribed/followed blogs are those which are focused and cover a particular niche topic as Technorati’s Top Blogs suggests,  however the majority of blogs are not like this. Proceed with caution as it seems with the growing number of blogs, a typical blog subscriber will be more discerning with the growing choice available.

Anna Lee Anda : ) 


~ by Anna Lee Anda on July 27, 2007.

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