Australian Web 2.0

Some quick thoughts.

The whole web 2.0 is very exciting of course, there seems to be opportunities for many businesses, however as a business, there seems to be few willing & positioned to make the initial cash investment on a well placed online property.

Who can afford to gear up, tool up, & build a team for a property that may not turn a profit for many months or years?

It does seem like the cashed up, forward thinking businesses like News & Fairfax, just two, Australian business are well positioned to develop, nurture & support their online business push.

It is equally important for the smaller companies as well, but I suggest they may find it harder to divert funds into a niche start up when their day to day decisions are driven by the bottom line.

A tough balancing act: act now to re-position, invest & intergrate for future growth & market movements or focus on keeping this month on track yet miss the boat & pay more to catch up.

All the while mind you, Australian internet access speeds on average is 256kps or 512kps at best, another inhibiting factor, incumbent Telco companies fighting with government, bring on the Google fiber connection to Oz.

But I guess the name of the game is too survive, if you survive this month it might well mean you get the chance to pay that extra premium in a game of catch up….or pay up now & get wound up?

It reminds me of a gold rush, do race out & start digging or do we position our selves & wait, then buy up the leases when they prove profitable?

The horns of a dilemma.

I guess it comes down to your own well thought out strategy.

Good hunting : )


~ by jamie andrei on October 2, 2007.

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