Google on Garth!

I am loving the Google application ethos.

Their product just seems to work, no fuss, simple, efficient and reliable.

I was particularly joyous with their mobile application, partly thanks to the new 3 G speeds.

Google maps is working perfectly on work road trips, book marking regular cities, plotting the route from the air port & hotel, not to mention their new mobile tower triangulation that works in lifts & underground car parks.

The joys of triangulation, Pythagoras would be chuffed!

It wonderfully meshes with the mobile handset, it is so redundant having to buy a GPS system for a few hundred bucks which stays in the car, just put Google maps on your phone.

You could also flash your handset, install Tom Tom and get a blue tooth GPS receiver for $80.00, what about using your WiFi connection on your N series Nokia to make VOIP calls there by bypassing your mobile carrier, but the networks are not promoting that in Oz, erodes revenues. I digress…

The other wonderful thing is it’s ease of use which we have become used to in regards to search.

I Googled some new business book titles while I was at the book shop, it is having a wonderful flow on effect in society and commerce.

A few months ago there is know way in regional Australia I could of had such pleasant experience.

Well done Google.



~ by jamie andrei on January 25, 2008.

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