What does all this stuff really do?

The count so far:

X12 (approx) email addresses

X3 Youtube

X2 Revver

X3 blogs (x1 Adwords compatible)

X2 Mobile content UGC syndication platforms (Wotnext & MyView)

X1 Facebook

X3 MySpace

X2 Online stock Brokers

X1 LinkedIn

X1 Digg

X1 Slideshare

X3 Websites

X2 Ebay

X1 Pay Pal

What do these 37 online touch points do?

It helps keep the brain fresh, keeps me busy, it’s fun creating, keeps my skills up…

Other than that, I guess it adds to the exponentially expanding layers of noise out there of which the Google algorithm can wade through…

I have earned a grand total of AU$1.27 over the last 12 months from hundreds of hours of tweaking, of which I will have to declare come tax time, built on $15 000 worth of  technological assets…

Contrary to the Longtail concept, I get a sense of fad based (hit) applications, what’s going to be the next Facebook and the Facebook after that?

Funny thing is that I rang a mobile phone carrier about starting SMS gambling 10 years ago, they laughed at me, even thought I explained they had the billing systems in place and it would be a new revenue stream for them, ballet concerts can be boring and the mind wonders…

A TV interfaced, ubiquitous, mobile, thingemy jig that automatically manages all our our aliases and accounts across all platforms that makes us money, is self sustaining, updating, gambling, automatic bill paying porn themed time saver, which continually tells all of our friend how cool and successful we are…

Hmm..what does it all this stuff ACTUALLY do? What is it’s purpose?

Yes this is a bit random, but hey, it’s MY online journal.

: )


~ by jamie andrei on February 28, 2008.

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