The Best Business Idea Ever…

The joys of childish ponderings…

UPDATE 20th, June 2008: KFC and Maxim are all over it as of late 2006 >>BLOG POST<<

Many years ago I thought about how to make money, I came to the conclusion, MAPS!

Not funky Web 2.0 Google Maps, however, they were only a twinkle in people eyes, I am talking about the old paper maps.

I remember looking at how viably large the Great Dividing Range and various water bodies and desserts were and wondering how I could get money out of McDonalds to sell the the visual advertising space on my map.

I would of happily sold The Great Dividing Range naming rights and visual space to the highest bidder, but only being 14, the resources, expertise and time was not available.

Maybe I could of convinced the government to allow me to sell the out right name sponsorship as well? That way the signs on the highway etc would be inline with the map branding?

Is it too late to do such a deal I wonder?

That brings me back to Google Maps, how long till we see Nokia logos displayed on the expanse and visual real estate of the Pacific Ocean, or how long till we see people bidding large amounts of money to buy the most popular destinations in the Google Map applications.

Name this Aussie land mark?

Perhaps as you zoom through to a close up of New York, you will zoom through a semi opaque sponsor layered skin, maybe they could break things up country by country, state by state, region by region, it may even have a season flavor, China would be more expensive right now as Google map searches for the region heat up into the Olympics…

Maybe countries could pay to not have adds on their Google Map?

Who owns the rights to this stuff?

I will endeavor to ad some mock up imagery shortly.

Google, I am happy to license the idea to you for a 15% stake in the idea for perpetuity, it would also cover Google Moon Maps and the greater universe as it comes online as a 3D intergalactic place and business directory…

It might even be a 3rd party mash up API or custom interactive flash skin?

What are your thoughts?

The Great Mac Donald’s Reef

I have several other ideas I will be bringing on a weekly basis, some people create music, I am an ideas man.



~ by jamie andrei on March 7, 2008.

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