Internet and Mobile Content Syndication – Case Study

So I had some sports model digital assets laying around, there is worse content to experiment with than stunningly beautiful Australian women in swim suits.

Yes I own all rights and have legal released signed to use images in all mediums.

My goal was to experiment with the new UGC syndication tools and gather what may have proved to be valuable data.

Following is a quick review on my road to riches:



A great video platform, it has good incumbent traffic, great quality video (crisp!) , I uploaded the same files as to YouTube, the ad model looks great on the lower third, has great graphs for traffic and video views, I dig it all around. It has made the most cash with a grand total of around US 57 cents.

Bikini vision is getting some good views with out much effort by me.

If I had of loaded my Pasha Bulker and Newcastle Flood vision to it and pushed traffic to it, with around 60 000 views, my rough calculations come to around US$200.00, couple that with fresh quality, in demand content (IE hot girls in bikinis, which you own the rights to) and a blog that supports Google Ads and you have the start of a little hobby business, build those hits then sell off or you could hold out for the longtail, the word on the street is 5, 000 subscribers of so and people will start to listen…

The most promising platform for UGC so far I think.

Did I mention it has the most wicked graphs! Thats got to be a killer AP right there.

BTW: WordPress doesn’t support Revver video embeds or Google Ad Words yet, so I need two blogs, not enough time in the day to duplicate all this content or to even research how to automate it, please note, bikini is funny word to spell.

Career earnings so far US$ 0.65 or at the current dollar value AU$ 0.02.


The OG, the Original Gangta, as Ice T would say.

Great platform, the video, as uploaded by the exact same MP4 files looked a little grainy compared to Revver, had about 60 000 views with some very news worthy and exclusive vision at the time, see my case study link.

Pasha Bulker and flood vision went off!

For the small fish in the big pond, the advertising models don’t seem to be online in Australia yet, with the video overlay and pre/post roll ad units missing at this stage, the does seem to be some kind of revenue model but it is a little clunky and I got a bit of head ache researching it, don’t get me wrong, YouTube has the eyeballs, it is wicked, it is positioned very strongly, but as a little man trying to earn a few extra buck.

I’d recommend Revver and a blog with Ad Words, Google serves the ads on Revver content any way, that’s why I love Google, they are happy to partner with any one, they are like a happy virus, I hope we don’t start to see signs of the Walmart effect over time, although I have a strong belief in the long term Google model.

Career earnings so far US$ 0.00.



Created by the Australian digital agency of the year, Tiger Spike, it is a very innovative model, designed to be driven from the content of the peeps in the form of UGC and being based around music, just like the successful MySpace model.

You load you clips via the web or direct from you phone, it is in a small file format optimized for approx to 10MB files.

You get cash from people downloading the file to their phones which is split 50/50 with the provider.

Novel, kind of fiddly in the detail as far as traffic is concerned, you make your own traffic by blogging, embedding and spamming your friends with all the dodgey content you create, it just feel like a little more work is needed to KISS and gain critical mass.

There is a ranking system, where if you get a bunch of views and become popular, your clip is loaded into the Telstra Big Pond mobile galleries there by enhancing your chances of a play and hence revenue, it looks like some people have made some sweet, sweet cash.

Unfortunately, due to some controversy, they are not able to accept bikini footage any more, they are erring on the safe side, there fore I don’t have much to report as I only have a couple flood clips, not very compelling vision, but it was worth a try in my exploration of UGC news syndication tools to mobile and web.

Bloody great version 1.0 and pushing the boundaries creatively in a business model sense, I can’t wait to see what come out of it over the next few years.

Career earnings so far AU$ 0.50, too bad I need a Telstra account to collect my booty, douh!


The UK version of WotNext, and they are happy to accept bikini vision to boot. Similar model, still developing, there has been a bombardment some very average UGC, I guess that happens with a UGC model, quite a bit of noise while you filter to quality clips, still looks like a very new emerging model.

The Tiger Spike team is diligently spreading the word about this model.

The traffic hasn’t seemed to develop as I thought it would with the UK population, I expect the country is saturated with groovy new digital content models, the bikini vision has gotten lost, if you had a budget I guess you could pay for a feature if you were a corporation etc.

Interesting UGC model, revenue share model per WotNext.

You get to choose the pre roll clips from a list, kind of cool, I picked the new Rambo movie trailer for all of my clips, what better then chicks in swimmers and guns!

I feel the pre roll model is a little dated, still quite impressed with the Revver lower third model and the Google video lower third study I saw a while ago, just waiting for that to roll out.

Career earning so far UK$ 0.56P

NB: this sum is not to be sneezed at, at the current exchange rate it comes to around AU$ 5, 000.00 or 5 years average earnings, not too shabby.


I hope my blurb helped some how, yes there are some really bad exchange rate jokes inserted above.

You can tell from my earnings summary from each platform that I will be spending winter in Monaco, see you at the Casino for drinks, my shout.

BTW: In the MEVIEW section, how many times did I write the word model? No, I am not getting paid every time I write the word model, nor is it a bet, I am just tired, hurting from the gym, wanna play Quake 3 Bazooka mod, and wanted to jot these thoughts down before I lost my post exercise endorphin rush.



Four great little models.

I rate Revver right now from the feed back so far, easy, looks good, good ads, has it’s own traffic.

My gut says there is a way to go, mind you, I am testing this stuff on clunky 512 KBS to 1.5 MBS Australian broadband BTW.

I get the feeling there is more in the wings as we get access to more bandwidth.

I did get the chance to meet the Net Ventures team, they have some very interesting syndication tools, all a little top secret, but I get the feeling that is where we will be heading, and the ad serving technologies are quite amazing, traditional media is on notice, pay attention or step aside.

Add that to the DIY TVC web sites that are around and the Google DIY TV sales manager and we get a bit of an idea of things to come as optical fiber comes on line…



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