How CeBIT Sydney 2008 Changed My Life

CeBIT, Sydney 2008 changed my life, no doubt about it…

Top international speakers like Jason Calacanis, Aust. government representatives like Senator Conroy and Lindsay Tanner were the tip of the ice berg.

A big congratulations to the GoodBarry team for winning the tech ramp compeition, where start ups pitch their ideas to a panel, the Good Barry guys killed it.

From where I was the verdict was unanimous, Jason Calacanis, was suitable impressed and offered to introduce the team to some PEOPLE state side.

Good to hear that they are already cash positive, have just set up an office in San Fran and have a great looking, easy to use product.

Below is a list of the direct changes CeBIT has had on my life, a bit of a wrap you might say…

I bought a car, I met a girl, I got some new sunnies, bought a new TV and met some cool cats.

It all only cost approx AU$250 000, a bargain if you ask me?

My New Car

There she is, the all new 2008 Audi A4, looking delicious in red, price circa AU$50 000.

2008 Audi A4

Thats me drooling below.

Jamie Andrei in a 2008 Audi A4

My new girlfriend

The new 2008 SMS enabled girlfriend. The 2008 model has built in wi-fi, blue tooth, is super fast broadband enabled and comes with realistic hair, a vast improvement on the 2007 range. Cost $15 000.00 ex GST

my new girlfriend

My New Sunnies

Not only do I look fly, I have TVs in my sunnies, just plug them into the iPod video. Cost $300.00 ex GST.

my new sunnies

My New TV

It is a Panasonic Vieta plasma, the thing is around 3 meters wide.

I may have to make some extensions to the pool room or route it via the Hubble telescope and patch it back through my TV glasses as above, to view it properly.

Cost circa $100 000.00 ex GST

my new tv

The Panel of Shopping Experts

Below is a photo of me and the whole CeBIT 2008 shopping panel. Thanks for a great few days. Job well done.

the panel

Having a Beer

Self explanitory.

beer, hmm.

Till next year…


~ by jamie andrei on May 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “How CeBIT Sydney 2008 Changed My Life”

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  2. Nice one. All that cash (oops expenses), you will need to manage it. Of course having won a cebit prize it should be on your list 🙂

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