I tricked out my camera


This Sony VX2100 is a great little camera.

Robust, shoots great low light stuff, it is basically a PD170 without XLR adapters and a wide angle lens.

It is a 3CCD camera which shoots in 16:9 PAL SD broadcast standard, just.

These things, PD170, have been used extensively in journalism I also even saw MTV Australia use them on an outside broadcast.

No new news here as these things have a bit of a following already.

Its what I shot our band video clips on, with the studio lit (refracted light) as it was the cameras had natural filmic fall off on the edges, it had film vignetting as a default, that is hot, and crystal clear.

I will try to pop an example up when I get a chance, not sure how it will hold up on YouTube, I did also put a mask on to enhance and balance the 7 camera angles….moving right along…

I am excited as I just pimped mine out a bit with a couple after market accessories
to open up some more creative avenues.

I basically used it as a vision capture device previously.

I just got a Rode NT2 and a BeachTek XLR adapter, I will also pick up a cheap wide angle lens (NB: tested the audio kit, it is sounding great).

The thing is not to spend to much as you can get a Z1p or the liked kitted out for around $5 500.00 new.

You can get some really kick bum HD rigs these days, let’s not even talk about the RED camera.

Any way, here is a picture, it is looking like a bit of a beast.


Mind you, nothing like a mates P2 HD camera pimped out with rails and lens adapters etc.

I will try and get a picture for posterity.




~ by jamie andrei on June 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “I tricked out my camera”

  1. I like your wheels!! pimp that biatch!!!

  2. […] multi media, Panasonic AG-HVX202, tricked out camera, video production Per my earlier post where got excited about my ticked out VX2100 (SD), here are some pictures of a mates Panasonic […]

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