Scootaboi TVC – fighting the effects of the Newcastle Curfew

Scootaboi has just cut a TVC (some production examples here).

Which will be used on free to air and in-house LCD screens. (further blog post here)

It is our way of fighting the effects of the curfew and to supporting the venues with quality marketing assets.

The positive thing is that violence has decreased with “NSW police claiming assaults have halved, burglaries and car thefts are down 40 per cent, and malicious damage has also dropped”, now let’s get bums back on seats!

It is part of my innovative marketing plan to support, invigorate the local live music scene in lieu of the Newcastle curfew, poker machines, urban development and noise complaints, cheap DJs (owner dilemma: why spend $800 on live music when a DJ can jam the night away for $200 when takings are down?), broader community economic and fiscal pressures (oil/interest rates), inflation and inner city violence affecting us all.

Violence, which brought the curfew to be implemented in the 1st place, is ruining the local music scene, it has too have an effect when business takings are down 35%.

This figure came from a mate of mine, who owns a still busy pub (busy means being 35% down on trade since the implementation of the curfew).

The pub it is one of the busiest around town with good all day/night trade, it is a blue sky story, I am sure other are not doing so well, that’s if you can call a 35% drop in trade doing well.

Where do publicans find the money to invest in quality live music?

You can see it at gigs, no bums on seats, and band bookings drying up like the Australian farmers paddocks.

I am hoping to find a creative way around this for a win-win for all.

Here is how the idea works:

A venue books us, they use our free TVC which needs to be tagged with their logo and simple voice over added.

They then buy a few commercial spots on the channel of their choice and can be added to their in-house LCD promotional campaigns, digital billboards are taking off in a big way out hear, following the trends of the past several years OS.

Having a premade TVC will save them $3000.00 in production, and it can support their existing newspaper and radio advertising.

It expect it will work best for long weekend and special events.

Plug the weekends event in the voice over.

Say they spend $1000 on some spots, they have just got a $4000 commercial television spend for $1000.00 as they have no production costs.

The risk is that the pubs just don’t have the money to re-invest in new marketing ideas, how would one find and extra $1000.00 for promotion whilst down 35% in trade.

But in times of down turn, that is when it pays to blow the trumpet and bang the drum for your product.
It is our way of supporting the local venues, spreading the word and staying competitive.

Let get creative and get people back into the pubs, don’t let the thugs win.

Let’s get the LIVE back into music, it is tough times for all of us.

I will keep you posted how my results.



~ by jamie andrei on June 20, 2008.

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