future of tv

i am having a glimpse of what many people already know.

i am watching tv on the pc and surfing the net, checking my accounts and doing work.

or you could do it the other way round, browse the web and snack on media on your tv.

it is a convergence yet it is a dilution of each of the mediums.

it is going to be us socially interacting with friends, we will clump into groups, what happens when we all watch different stuff?

what will be the common experience that will tie us all together?

we will schedule times when we watch our, live or recorded shows with friends and chat in teh process.

i just updated my facebook with a posting on ‘so you think you can dance’.

one, the glue.

may there will be a middle ground, self equilibrium?

as we continually get busy we will converge more task to happen at once.

there will be a tipping point where we can’t fit any more in and may explode or purchase a google chip for our brains…



~ by jamie andrei on July 30, 2008.

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