Google Street View

It’s official, I am a life long fan of Google.

Regardless of what happens next, they hold the crown and have streaked ahead.

As we well know they cemented key changes in human history, search, Adwords, Google books, Google maps, Google earth (key hole), you toobs and now they have the Google Street view function with 3D pan & scan functions.

My spell checker even has a Google edit when you don’t use the capital ‘G’.

I just love how they develop stuff, they just seem to do it, to take risks, to break convention, to go out out on these crazy limbs.

And their stuff always seems to just work in my experience.

Sure it is planned out and very well executed, but it is just cool stuff.

It seems to have WOW all over it.

Google maps on the mobile just works, Google search on mobile just works, they seem to be bridging the gap between magic and tools.

There is no walled garden, no hoops to jump through, they are happy to share.

Sure they make cash in the process, good on them, they got off their arse and did it.

They seem to keep innovating.

Moving on from my infatuation….

Here is a street view of our Next Digital offices, I am sure you will all be going to you old house, hood, school, mates place, x-girlfriends.

Why not…

And sure there will be localised advertising and business directories or the like at some stage, so what, commerce drivers innovation, always has, always will…

If you don’t like it you can always develop your own.

Now let’s just wait as the media starts to publish stories and concerns about security, privacy and stories start to turn up on ACA as the public start to beat the drum.

The ever watchful for THAT angle.

The thing is, any beef isn’t with Google, it’s with ourselves, it is up to us how we use it.

It’s good old human nature, I see a knife and I think cheese, some one else may the same knife and think power, it’s in our hands.

There will always be good and bad elements in all things humans interact with.

I only wish the whole world had access to these tools.

In the 1st world they are cool gadgets, in the developing worlds, these information tools can change centuries of poverty and isolation.

I can’t wait for the $100 laptop and ubiquitous wireless coverage and data access to all.

:  )


~ by jamie andrei on August 5, 2008.

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