3 Mobile Broadband – Sydney, Australia

Just finished my research into mobile broadband services in Sydney, Australia.

I decided on the three network, no contract, $145 out right for the USB dongle then $49 per month, with no contract, and a 6GB limit.

Good little mobile service, no contract, it looked the simplest and most effective in the city.

The Virgin USB product does look good to, with a recharge PAYG mobile phone model but does not have coverage in Moore Park, dongle from $179 no contracts.

I am covered by 3 but only get 2 out of 7 bars coverage, kind of a slow 512 connection, it is mooted as 3.6 MPS, but I guess you need full signal strength, still okay for check email and staying connected.

3 USB dongle picture

3 USB dongle picture

Some work colleagues get the full 7 in the CBD.

I have a couple USB extenders cobbled together to try and get closer to the window, theory that the signal my be stronger, and have it blu tacked to the wall.

I do get 3 bars from time to time with a good tail wind .

blu tacked for extra signal.

blu tacked for extra signal.

I am happy to be free of the clutches of having to have a land line, although the wired service would be a little more reliable I expect.

A friend has unwired but is unhappy, plus you need a power outlet, USB dongle is self power from the port.

Poor old OZ, so spread out and such poor produxt offering.

Alas, the dangerous beauty of the laws of economics.

Bring on 100MB fiber or the VDSL at 100MB that they can supply over copper.



~ by jamie andrei on September 27, 2008.

One Response to “3 Mobile Broadband – Sydney, Australia”

  1. I have always been happy with the service I have received from 3 here in the UK. Minimal problems. And I am a big fan of Pay as you Go Mobile Broadband.


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