– youth created adserving experiment

I just want to chat about my nephews (he’s 14) foray into ad serving experimentation. is his java script over lay experiment for ad serving, he has posted the code for public use.

A good execution of some creative thinking and in the right direction as adserving is the holy grail.

It opens over the page and you can insert your own creative.

I did forward him a link to Open Xs open source offering.

As he is still quite young, I thought it would be cool to get him looking at the metrics side as it is where the commercial potential lies, transparency and reporting.

More to help pull the threads of creative thought into how companies package their offerings.

Good show mate let’s work up a business plan.

I had to laugh though as he said “I think I am to young to be making money”.

Make it now I say, then enjoy the oportunity it will bring in helping you achieve your goals.

Education, lifestyle, choice.

Money is oxygen.

I have invited him to collaborate to my blog, looking forward to see what he comes up with.



~ by jamie andrei on September 27, 2008.

One Response to “ – youth created adserving experiment”

  1. hey i found the widget i was telling you about the other day. its called “feedjit” and its a live traffic feed and it tells where your visitors are coming from and how they found your blog. you’ll be quite surprised with the results. but i dont think u can add it to wordpress blogs. though i am trying to find out how.

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