3 mobile broadband dongle – sydney australia


i am getting madder as every day passes.

2 of 7 bars of service 3 kms from the Sydney CBD is grinding me down.

why is oz in the technological infrastructre dark ages!

it is just like the 80s but without the coolness.

i want to kill this thing out of frustration this week.

i have been in all these cool seminars by google and the like, with all these growth figures, year on year.

there business case is flawed, it will hit an infrastructure limit, when, 2-3 years?

all these great internet usage stats and figures are gunna hit a plateau when we reach our capacity for people signed up to 512kbs broadband.

it still seems to be the best we can get, despite all the glossy magazine images of people smiling and looking beautiful with a wireless lifestyle.

24mbs is still a pipe dream, priced like a dog and limited exchanges while people squabble over fair access and resell each other gateways.

the telcos could teach the real estate industry somethingn about doing multiple reseller and agency deals.

i can’t even get mobile broadband properly in australias richest, most resourced, highest ROI city.

we are 3-5 years away at least until the digital utopia they lead us to believe (ubiquetous 8mbs), even buffer in a extra 30% bureaucratic contingency.

a floored business model….

we need to double our population so the revenues, pricing and open competition are there.

bring on competitive, un-monopolistic or oligopolistc market forces, true efficient market forces.

could we pass a law to enforce eveyone to move to nsw so we can, as a community, take advantage of the immense economies of scale in infrastructe, govt, and services?

anyway, thats my therapy for the day.

thank for bearing with.

and yes, it all very unrealistic, reality is, slow and steady, deal with it.


: P


~ by jamie andrei on October 15, 2008.

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