microsoft surface – 007 quantum of solace

007 Quantum of Solace

Some clever product placement by big Red?

microsoft surface

microsoft surface

This is by no means new but I did just get time to look at a Microsoft Surface Post.

Good timing as there was a scene in the recent 007 epic Quantum of Solace movie where the characters plotted on a Microsoft Surface looking gadget, which caught my attention.

Not to mention the hydrogen fuel cell badged Ford vehicles throughout the film.

Ford KA - 007 Quantum of Solace

Ford KA - 007 Quantum of Solace

I wonder if good timing and a hollywood style star endorsement helped with the recent multi billion dollar US bail out pitch?

There is a cool Brightcove video in the article which has a nice walk through of the Microsoft Surface technology.

Go and watch the new Bond to see what I am talking about.


UPDATE: For The Record.

I got to speak with Michael Kordahi from Microsoft today at an AIMIA event in Sydney, cool guy.

He does not think it is the MS Surface in the movie and apparently there is also a link on Wikipedia which also shares the same logical deduction which I made (I have been unable to find it).

Mike works with some of the guys on the Surface team.

Message to Mike;

” Mike if you get the time, please look into it and drop me a line as mentioned.

It would be cool to clear up the above theory and the Wikipedia entry.

It was good to shoot the breeze with you about geek stuff.”



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