Mobile Phone, broadband and Data Plans – Sydney, Australia

I am very disappointed in the iPhone lack of video calling, MMS sends, built in battery, battery life etc etc.

It has a cool design, a great swag of 3rd party widgets and shiny gyroscope aps, a big leap in the bench mark for next years release of integrated mobile handsets.

Also the hypnotic song and dance, smoke and mirror launch and marketing routine by Jobs & Co was as impressive as ever, these guys could teach BT Barnam a thing or two.

BT Barnam Circus Act Photo

BT Barnam Circus Act Photo

The iPhone overall is a really great innovative tool and brand example across all disciplines, sexing up the industry on the whole.

iPhone keyboard

iPhone keyboard

But if I can’t video call or send photos to my family, well dash it, particularly when there are devices which do what the iPhone does and more.

The media is banging on about the mobile markets and growth, it is an exciting tangent, particularly when mobile handset penetration is nearly double internet in the globe, particularly the emerging world, a clear red flag for opportunity.

And so, after this long introduction, here is my research into the available options for mobile telephony and data plans available in Sydney, Australia.

Australia needs to get get better data plans and remover the contractual hoops you have to jump through.

I did find a couple month by month mobile plans with 1GB of data at $70 per month (Virgin BYO handset & 3 pre-paid) both a good match for the Nokia E71.

That’s plenty of Google browsing, video callings, MMS, FaceBook, WiFi access and Skype etc etc.

Nokia E71

Nokia E71

I am an adopted Gen Y, I hate being locked into plans, love choice and a sense of freedom, month by month is a real relief, particularly timely with the global credit crunch. You can just cancel and have no contractual financial risk left on the table, just start again when things are flush with you BYO handset.

NB: I couldn’t navigate through the Optus site, so confusing.

Virgin and 3 had the most human friendly site, Vodafone was also clunky and only seemed to feature 100MB data plan on top of your monthly mobile access fee, a little bit of catch up is in hand, maybe I just couldn’t find it on the site, either way, a negative outcome.

Also the new suite of pre-paid and month by month mobile broadband plans look interesting, although still lacking ubiquitous coverage, roaming and clear pricing in and out of carrier zones, the fine print tends to create headaches.

Virgin and 3 are priced reasonably at approx $40 for 6GB per month, 3 prepaid and access is not as friendly as Virgin for now.

There is Telstra but they are double to the price to all the competitors for similar plans, I roughly calculated that it should be roughly 20-30% opportunity cost premium.

Pick up the revenues via volume, double is too steep, 20% I would switch to Telstra from 3 right now, but $100 for 6 GB makes me feel violated.

Would rather no internet, I can just run across to Jack’s shop across the road for $2.50 a half hour once a week.

Let’s see what round 2 pricing brings in 2009, sitting on our hands sometimes is not a bad thing, as Moore’s law suggests, odds are it will be half the price and twice as fast in the next 12-18months.




~ by jamie andrei on November 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Mobile Phone, broadband and Data Plans – Sydney, Australia”

  1. The apps that are available and the user experience make this clearly the best overall handset 🙂 Sending photos and Video calling will come. Also the fact it is packaged with the best music device on the market … I could go on

  2. thanks for the comment Lordy. good point on the music gadget side of things, i missed that. it will be a must buy when the video call and photo support comes making it 100%. i won’t even be able to resist then. : )

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