the world’s most advanced social networking mobile phone

SYDNEY, 14 NOVEMBER 2008 – 3 Australia today announced that it will exclusively offer INQ1, the world’s most advanced social networking mobile phone, and bring Facebook to the core of the user experience. With over 250,000 visits to Facebook on the mobile by 3 Australia’s customers each week, social networking on 3 is set to grow as the experience improves significantly with the release of the INQ1.

I just saw this, an interesting premise.


I like the idea of INQ brings the Facebook experience to the HSDPAenabled INQ1 with one-click access and the first ever live address book with friends’ Facebook status and profile picture displayed against their contact details.”

The idea of a gadget that’s just works is good, it may not be the first gadget heading down this path, but sounds like it is slowly getting closer to magic.

Will be good to see how it plays out.

The two hottest trends right now, mobile phones and social networking.

Although social network has was always hot for the human race, it is how we survived the desert plains and jungle.

Since the days of the Cro-Magnon man, we were social creatures nitpicking each other to keep the fabric of the tribe together, which is also a common behavioral trait displayed by many primate communities and reflects the social heirachy and and social bonds.

mammathus primigenius approx 10 000 BC

mammathus primigenius approx 10 000 BC

We are still the primarily the same social beasts but with more technologically advanced tools.

Was the first FaceBook a cave painting of little Timmy killing his first woolly mammoth or accurate evolutionary time line equivalent?

Here’s to digital nitpicking in 2009 and to nothing new under the sun.



~ by Anna Lee Anda on November 30, 2008.

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  1. Heh! Digital nitpicking. I love it!

    : P

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