mac bank fires 100

I just read the article on

Millionaire factory sacks workers, it’s about Mac Bank sacking 100 employees.

Reading the comments trail got my brain ticking.

There is a lot of emotion and personal comments and I wanted to share a great post I saw a few weeks back in the hope that it may shed some light on our system and give some perspective.

It helped me to light up the old light bulb.

It was from the freakonomics blog about the relationship of Main St and Wall St.

“The financial system does something pretty amazing: it converts your savings into productive capital. It’s a bridge between borrowers and lenders. When it works, it’s a beautiful thing: your savings are redirected to help young couples buy houses, entrepreneurs turn ideas into innovations, and employers invest in their workers. … Today’s problem is that the bridge between borrowers and lenders has been washed away. Think of the bailout as infrastructure investment. We need to rebuild that bridge.”

They essentially need each other.

We may not necessarily like what we see and hear sometimes, or enjoy seeing people doing better than us (tall poppy) but it is part of the system we choose to take part in.

The good goes with the bad.

Human history is littered with these sorts of occurrences.

I want to offer my best regards to all in these turbulent times.



~ by jamie andrei on December 4, 2008.

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