Energy 2.0: User Generated Power.

Talk about synchronicity.

I have been toying with this idea of ages, as some of may have been also, it is quite a logicl idea.

Why not generate power from the health club industry (bikes etc)?

Some entrepreneurial types with access resources have started experimenting with the idea as below.


Now how long then till someone brings 24 hours leasing into an everyday business model?

We use our office during the day, another business comes in and utilizes the space over night.

Importer exporter, financial trading company or the like with opposite hours.

A most efficient business model.

Double your ROI or 1/2 your costs depending on which hat you wear.

Now could be the time with the GFC upon us.



~ by jamie andrei on January 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Energy 2.0: User Generated Power.”

  1. there would be security & IP issues with people sharing the same offices. you would have to find a way to segregate / restrict access on computers and hardcopy files. i like the idea though.

    and the bike idea is fantastic. there’s probably a lot of wasted energy there. burning fat and producing renewable energy! you could power the lights of fitness first lol

  2. the cloud baby, the cload, you fogot the cloud!

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