gigapixel photo – snipers visible at obama’s inauguration

WOW, this photo of Obama’s inauguration is stunning (click around, use the thunm nails, zoom, pan left and right).

Taken with a Gigapan robotic tripod, it takes hundred to thousands of photos with a cheap consumer digital camera and then stitches them together via the magic of software.

This is a stunning vista, the detail and bredth is amazing, you can even make out the siloutte of snipers sitting roof top, there is evena photo of a man with six fingers! (stitching error).

I founf this on New Scientist.

It has also been Geocoded and apperas on Google earth.

There is a cool little Gigapan comunity area to share and comment, upload each other pictures.

Bloody great.


~ by jamie andrei on March 1, 2009.

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