social media widget overload!

Yes, there is alittle bit of right nav bar crazeeness going on.

It reminds me of the Korean grocery store I go to which has $1.50 cans of Coke on Pitt St, I love that shop.

Every square inch is packed with product, you have to turn side ways to get down the aisle and watch out if an other person tries to pass you by or if there is a few people at the check out.

I guess I am in the same boat as them though, they have taught me well, when faced with limited space you want to use it as effective as you can, so hence the nav bar is chocked full of 100% bloggy goodness, the law of diminishing returns can be ignored on this occasion.

Please don’t tell the BA’s though, they will think all the hard work we have been doing has gone to waste.

I don’t think below the fold quite cuts it from a high frequency useability point in case.

Below is my quick and dirty case study on a couple cool widgets.

They are both good little tools to help spread the word for what you got to say to the world, people can interact and build a sense of community.

Scroll down, click and have a play.

As a test case, I figured eateries in teh CBD may represent some value, so my time is not totally wasted on say, making a test case on button shops.

I added a few good spots that I attend on a regular basis in Sydney, I have attached a few picts (yes I take pictures of my food, I am in good Company).

There are also a couple little stories hidden in there, like the time the roof of the restaurant fell on my head, my back still feel stiff from time to time.

I might pop in some more pictures as I continue the journey of discovery around the Sydney eateries.

Good little widget, feel free to try it out and add your own markers, you can add your own as the map is open for sharing.

You can share, embed customize, add photos etc etc.

This widget allows you to embed video galleries into your WordPress blog.

It can also syndicate new posts automatically to you blog and social networking accounts very easily.

Once installed, there is an add button in your browser tool bar, just link it to your accounts, every time you press add it will syndicate a post automtically.

I have is set up to post to WordPress, Twitter and Facebook, my poor friends that will no be bombarded by my posts. I wonder how long until they tired of being bambarded by yet more information.

I did also test it on MySpace but the videos were off message, business and technology are a little off target for a rock band account.


~ by jamie andrei on March 7, 2009.

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