Sumo Betsy – Corsair 32GB Flash Survivor

A Breif History:

It started several years ago with Little Betsy, she was a 256mb gen 1 USB flash drive, she was a bewdy. I was smitten with the conviemience and beauty of the new flash drive innovation.

Alas…I passed her onto a trusted family member after gettin ghold of Big Betsy as below.

A year or so later, I bought Big Betsy, she was an 8gb gen 2 USB flash drive, fond memories playing Quake portable at work. I recently lost Big Betsy while moving house, so in my grief I ducked down to china town for a look around.

Viola! There was Sumo Betsy, encased in her aluminium glory, all 32gb of her, I am calling her a gen 3 USB drive. She is the pinacle, robust, water proof, high density and portable, she is glorious.

I think she captures all of the best bits of the previous models and is virtually indestrucible as you can see below, and she has recently won a bunch of awards for speed and durability in some Oz PC publications, and comes with a set of shiny dog tags with rubber baffles for stealth mode.

I will have to dull them with boot polish so the enemy wont spot me sneaking up on them.

These drives have recently dropped to around AU$130 and I think represent fair value.

Here Enters Science.

Corsair – 32GB Flash Survivor.

The instructions say:

  • Ultra Rugged
  • Water Resistant (200m)
  • Drop Tested
  • Windows Compatible
  • 10 Years Limited Warranty

Well I tested the water rating.


I put it in a glass of water and walked exactly 200m.

It survived easily, not a drop, it was good to have some science in the office.

…Later that evening, inspired by the spirit of Myth Busters and in celebration of science, the tests continued.

You can see below the fuzzy shape of the flash drive in a glass of beer.


Here you can see it is semi submerged as I tried to take a shot showing the flash drive more clearly.


5 people verified that not one molecule of beer entered the secure aluminim casing.

A toast to Sumo Betsy!

Some UGC Survivor tests are featured below.


~ by jamie andrei on April 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sumo Betsy – Corsair 32GB Flash Survivor”

  1. you should put it in a blender and see if it survives. there’s a whole series of youtube videos about that!

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