Sydney, Australia, Wiki Wednesdays supported by Google Aust.




Attended my 1st Wiki Weds in support of a colleague presenting some slides and a talk on Yammer.

Google Australia supported kindly by supplying a meeting room and with some staff attendance.

Topic was Wikis, how’d you guess?

I am confused though, as my cultural definition of a Wiki is a shared, live knowledge base (note I will get myself into trouble here), with an encylcopeadic bent.

I have ben a big far of Google Docs and Google pages for many years now.

It is interesting to me that these items would be called Wikis now.


Mat Ho talking tech.

Mat Ho talking tech.

When I stumbled across them they were collaborative or live docs.

I just feel that the wiki label has been championed post gratis for me.

I live Google docs, maube I just got to live with it. I might do a wee bit of research when if I get a chance as to who came 1st.

But Wikis or what every they are labelled at this time are cool as hell.


chocolate soya milk only 80c for 200ml

chocolate soya milk only 80c for 200ml

On live, version of a document for example makes an organisations smarter, it is the old, standing on the shoulers of giants.

There needs to be more of it, like from three years ago….come on people get with the program.

I remember seeing the head of Google Enterprise (docs & pages) talking about this stuff 2-3 years ago, back in the day.



~ by jamie andrei on May 6, 2009.

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