blackberry data hack

Well, finally worked how to by pass the blackberry walled garden data services.

It has been six weeks of frustration and anger, I did want to set fire to my handset for a time. I can now access apps properly, still no gps. This work around will allow you to install a variety of apps which you can run from you downloads folder.

I don’t have black berry data and can now connect to downloaded apps via my 3 data plan. Before I did this work around, I could install apps but they would not run as the blackberry bold handset was lookn for black berrydata. Which I don’t have, I can now connect apps via my 3 service. Note this will not activate the gps,the handsets gps only supports blackberry maps. BTW 3 has a good month to month, no contract iSim deal.

It is $50 a mnth for $350 in calls and 1GB/mnth data. I thnk 1GB of data is a minimum for a smart phone. Thanks to a bright colleague whose initials are TZ.

Here are the 3 steps:

1. Go to menu/options/advanced options/tcp.

2. Paste in your carriers APN (just call or google your carriers APN) info into the top field, I’m with 3 and here is 3’s APN “3netaccess”. Leave the other two fields blank.

3. Save the settings.

Some good apps and tools:

1. Opera mobile browser.

2. Google apps(Gmail/maps etc)

3. Nimbuzz (aggregates several accounts: facebook, I’m etc)

4. Ubertwitter

5. WordPress for blackberry.

I hope it helps and you share it with others going through the same thing.

Drop me a line if this helped or if you have any cool tips or apps to share, maybe even a gps work around or hack?

Wouldn’t that be nice.


~ by jamie andrei on July 10, 2009.

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