About Jamie Andrei

Jamie Andrei

Jamie Andrei

I am a guy, I love stuff, shiny things are great.

This era is great, things are possible which I only imagined in 1986.

I used to rush home after school to watch Monkey Magic, The Goodies & Doctor Who.

I don`t think my family had a VCR yet. I had read & dreamed about one, & imagined that there should be one with a TV guide front end that allowed you to scroll though & play the show you wanted when you you wanted.

Mind you I was a bit of a weird child, I used to memorise the weeks television guide for all stations and programs and used to get frustrated having to wait for my favorite ones or missing them because I had to go to bed.

Anyway, low & behold, 20 years later it is happening!!

I love technology & am interested where traditional media meets the emerging ICT trends. It is a time where the gap between imagination & reality has blurred. What will the next 10 years hold when our children get hold of the steering wheel?

I am interested in new ideas, business opportunities & have a fascination with knowing what makes great entrepreneurs & business people tick.

I want to know all the secrets of bringing a vibrant business to life, and keeping it at the top of course.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Business via distance at Southern Cross University, I have created/shot/directed/edited video & multimedia as an independant producer over the last five years.

Until recently I worked at one80Digital Post (some client account examples) and NBN Television as a Business Development Manager (A PBL Media owned company) working on long form TV content, distribution, marketing and client relationships for sport and event production.

After a three year stint it was time to look at the national arena, there is just so much dynamic innovation going on these days.

Since an amicable parting of the ways, I have been doing some short term contract work for Hannover Fairs Australia, on their CeBIT online video content and promotional materials and have completed some work at a small advertising agency on radio scripts, DM, and TV commercial production.

Moving forward I am currently an Account Manager at Next Digital Sydney.

Next Digital is one of Australia’s largest full service digital agencies, where I have a nice mix of blue chip, government, community and medium business clients.

It is an enjoyable role which has seen me deliver work out of Shanghai, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney to a national client base.

It is quite rewarding as there is nothing quite like good old fashioned hard work which has seen us bring some innovate campaigns and works together, it is a good fit as relationships seem to be a forte.

I am open to inquiries should  you need a hand with any corporate communication work, video production, distribution (I have some quality TV contacts still), pitches, collaboration orany digital work.

I will post when I can, feel free to interact, link, comment, share & contact me with any opportunities or enquiries.

We live in amazing times…VIVA the revolution!

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9 Responses to “About Jamie Andrei”

  1. Hi there Jamie,

    I raced home (actually slow bus trip) to watch The Goodies.
    I remember the idea of a phone where you could see each other being so incredibly disbelievable… And, here they are! Mind you, those were the days when 1999 seemed so far away

    anyway, enjoy your uni break!
    BTW thanks for the link – have saved thegooglestory for another day

  2. Hey! I’m recently ex-Newcastle and was very keen to see some footage and pics of the flood, especially places I knew like Newy West. A mate sent me this link and I just wanted to say good job and thankyou very much for posting the footage you took in the flood; it is fantastic – the best I’ve seen! Cheers

  3. Hi Jamie; I stumbled onto this blog looking for pics of the floods. Maybe you remember me?? My daughter went to school with you! I’m now living in Queensland and will keep your blog on my favorites. It’s good to see you are doing great and are successful at what you are doing!! Always wondered what happened to the old crew who I used to ferry around and who used to hang around my house.

  4. Hi Jamie… I am now living here in Florida, USA and just found out about storm that hit my home town of Toronto and Coal Point (where I grew up)… It was sad to see such damage… my brother got quiet a bit of damage at his house in Blackalls Park. I was trying to remember the last time I saw this type of storm… I have seen a few and the earthquake of course but NOTHING like this. I intend on keeping an eye on your site as it can be hard to find news about Australia on TV over here in the US… Don’t be a stranger… any news of home would be great. Felicity
    http://travellinfar.blogspot.com/ (another site in the works)

  5. Fancy submitting news articles to Hunter’s Best? The Hunter’s first citizen powered media channel.

    We are looking for citizen media reporters to submit video and written news articles from around the Hunter Valley.

  6. Hi Jamie,
    Lake Macquarie City Library is collecting all material relating to the June 2007 storm. We would like a copy of your video Newcastle flood damage West Lake Area for our local history collection. If this is possible let me know.

  7. Hey Rocker….how are you ?? -long time no see. Give me a call at the School of Rock 49 27 50 27


  8. Hi,

    I liked our video on the Pasha bulker. May I please download it? If yes, then how?

  9. Sandra Dalene VanAlstine – Wanted to introduce myself

    Sandra Dalene VanAlstine

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