Brand Authenticity: Krafts Cream Cheese Lessons

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  • Lessons Learnt
  • It’s not about technology, it’s about authenticity.
  • It’s about the story.
  • It’s about real people talking to real people.
  • Real World Authenticity
  • “ Real people talking to real people” “ When you engage the consumer and show them that you have done something that’s unedited, you humanize the brand and that’s invaluable.” Tyler Williamson Sr. Brand Manger, Kraft Foods

Adam & Tyler 4-Week Campaign Results Results

  • Sales of Philly 1/3 Less Fat exceeds most optimistic projections in 2008
  • 535,088 direct online conversations via chat rooms, instant messenger apps and message board forums
  • 50,000 + Blog views
  • 8,000+ views of the viral video on YouTube
  • Over 1,000 ‘friends’ added on social networks
  • 56% expressed intent to visit the website
  • National Press Coverage
  • 90% felt Adam and Tyler should get a promotion
  • Website traffic increased almost 400% over previous year in typically slowest period Q1
  • Extended 1 week program to over a month
  • Adam and Tyler both got promoted
  • Everything we said was true



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Worldwide battle rages for control of the internet

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WHEN thousands of protestors took to the streets in Iran following this year’s disputed presidential election, Twitter messages sent by activists let the world know about the brutal policing that followed. A few months earlier, campaigners in Moldova used Facebook to organise protests against the country’s communist government, and elsewhere too the internet is playing an increasing role in political dissent.

Now governments are trying to regain control. By reinforcing their efforts to monitor activity online, they hope to deprive dissenters of information and the ability to communicate.

Mobile messaging network counsels Cape Town drug users

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A SOUTH AFRICAN instant messaging network which has often been vilified for aiding drug pushers is now being used to provide counselling for drug addicts and people with HIV.

Mad Men Makeover

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Thumb Nail

Thumb Nail

I have had a digital Mad Men make over.

Thought it best to take a look at there site which was getting quite a bit of buzz.

So ended up updating my blog and Twitter avatars and imagery.

You can Man Men yourself here.

Jamie Andrei

Jamie Andrei

Twitter Back Ground

Twitter Back Ground

Twitter Tool Kit

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Disclaimer: this post is a bit messy, half from PC and the rest finished on my phone in bed. Apologies.

Finally had some time to blog.

I found a few cool twitter tools in my travels worthy a mention:

Ping supports over?40 social networking sites and they’re adding more all the time.?

“Between our straight forward posting methods and advanced custom triggers, we make it easy for you to post your messages exactly where you want them to go.”

Some of twhirls features:

  1. Windows (2000/XP/Vista) and?Mac OSX
  2. connects to multiple Twitterlaconi.caFriendfeed and Seesmic accounts
  3. shorten long URLs (using?,?,?snurl,?twurl or?
  4. cross-post your updates to many sites
  5. post images
  6. search tweets using
  7. find tweets mentioning your @username
  8. record a video on Seesmic, and share it on twitter immediately
  9. seesmic updates in real-time using XMPP
  10. English spell checking

    Hootesuite allows management of multiple users and accounts from one app.

    You can schedule tweets and it supports metrics to track how many clicks year URLs in tweet get.

    blackberry data hack

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    Well, finally worked how to by pass the blackberry walled garden data services.

    It has been six weeks of frustration and anger, I did want to set fire to my handset for a time. I can now access apps properly, still no gps. This work around will allow you to install a variety of apps which you can run from you downloads folder.

    I don’t have black berry data and can now connect to downloaded apps via my 3 data plan. Before I did this work around, I could install apps but they would not run as the blackberry bold handset was lookn for black berrydata. Which I don’t have, I can now connect apps via my 3 service. Note this will not activate the gps,the handsets gps only supports blackberry maps. BTW 3 has a good month to month, no contract iSim deal.

    It is $50 a mnth for $350 in calls and 1GB/mnth data. I thnk 1GB of data is a minimum for a smart phone. Thanks to a bright colleague whose initials are TZ.

    Here are the 3 steps:

    1. Go to menu/options/advanced options/tcp.

    2. Paste in your carriers APN (just call or google your carriers APN) info into the top field, I’m with 3 and here is 3’s APN “3netaccess”. Leave the other two fields blank.

    3. Save the settings.

    Some good apps and tools:

    1. Opera mobile browser.

    2. Google apps(Gmail/maps etc)

    3. Nimbuzz (aggregates several accounts: facebook, I’m etc)

    4. Ubertwitter

    5. WordPress for blackberry.

    I hope it helps and you share it with others going through the same thing.

    Drop me a line if this helped or if you have any cool tips or apps to share, maybe even a gps work around or hack?

    Wouldn’t that be nice.